Mnemba Island Lodge

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Mnemba Island Lodge is situated on a secluded private island of the same name, within the Zanzibar archipelago. It is surrounded by coral reef atolls, which calm the waters around the island and give them a perfectly flat, bright turquoise appearance. Each suite, or “banda” has its own private section of beach with traditional Zanzibari sunbeds.

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Mnemba Island Lodge offers you a unique opportunity – to spend a few days inhabiting your own private island, with the only other people you encounter being the staff there to make your stay enjoyable. There is no shopping, no markets, and no nightlife other than what you bring with you – just endless days of sun-drenched beach relaxation. Everything you need is brought to you, and dinner is always served on the beach.

Mnemba Island

  • An untouched private island only 2.8 miles off the coast of Zanzibar
  • Private beach salas ensure absolute privacy and exclusivity
  • Pristine sandy white beaches encircle the entire island, allowing visitors to walk the entire circumference on the beach

Zanzibar Archipelago

  • Known worldwide for its translucent turquoise oceans, white sandy beaches and excellent scuba diving
  • Made up of two large islands and number of smaller islands, many of which are private lime Mnemba
  • Coral reefs nearby shelter abundant ocean life and exciting fishing opportunities
  • Approximately four times as many fish varieties as in the entire Caribbean


  • 10 private bandas, hand-built from woven coconut palm and local timbers
  • Each banda has its own private beach sala, which ensures privacy
  • Suites furnished with a rustic yet modern elegance
  • Incredible Indian Ocean views
  • Room service
  • Private Zanzibari sun loungers
  • Private butler service

Property Amenities

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Private beaches
  • Private butlers


  • Business conferencing facilities
  • High speed wi-fi broadband


  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Fly-fishing
  • Deep sea fishing for barracuda, mackerel, king fish and marlin
  • Green sea turtle breeding and egg-laying (year round)

Check In/Check Out Times

  • Check in varies, depending on flight times and boat transfer (the staff are always ready to welcome visitors
  • Check out generally by 12 noon


Upon landing at Zanzibar International Airport, a chauffeured transfer will transport you in a north easterly direction through the island to the launch point. Once you have hopped into the boat, you will sail a short distance to Mnemba Island (about 20 minutes. Boats depart and land directly to and from the beachfront as there are no jetties. Expect to get a little wet as your wade your way from the boat to and from Mnemba Island Lodge.


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