Fundu Lagoon Beach Resort

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Fundu Lagoon Beach Resort is situated on Pemba Island, just off the coast of Zanzibar. The resort is located on a private beach and is only accessible by boat, making it a uniquely isolated stay for that real island break.

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Pemba island is perfect for those guests who are looking for something less developed and commercial than Zanzibar: In fact,  it only receives 1 % of the traffic that Zanzibar gets. There are no crowded beaches, the infrastructure around the hotel is very minimal, and there is amazing bird life due to the lack of human habitation.

Why visit Fundu Lagoon Beach Resort:

  • No crowds
  • Beach Bungalow accommodation
  • Exceptional snorkeling and diving

 Staying at Fundu Lagoon Beach Resort:

The lodge consist of only 18 thatched  Bungalow suites which are all private and far away from each other. The suites are divided into Beachfront rooms and Hillside rooms. The Beachfront rooms are located right on the beach, and the Hillside rooms are located further up the hill for great views.

The lodge has a rustic charm to it, with sandy walkways that meander through the dense forest. Guests will really feel as if they have stumble upon a secret getaway. The lodge is made up of wood and thatch giving you an authentic African island feel. Fundu Lagoon has left no stone unturned on your luxury either, with a Spa and yoga platform over the ocean so that you can treat yourself a little. There are even 2 restaurants to choose from, including 3 bars.


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