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At Safari Guide Africa, we believe that a safari in Africa should be accessible to all those who wish to go. A safari does not have to be expensive, so we strive to bring together the best affordable safari packages we could find that you can compare them and find a holiday that suits your needs and budget.

We work with the top tour operators in Africa as partners so you get the best experience in the lead up to and during your trip.  Once you fill in an enquiry form on Safari Guide Africa all communication will be with these partner operators. You are always welcome to provide feedback on your experience inquiry process and also share your stories and photographs from your holiday. If you have any questions for the safariguideafrica team, please email us.

We look forward to hearing back from you and thank you for choosing to send an enquiry through Safari Guide Africa.

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Thank you for your interest in Safari Guide Africa.  In order to help you best, please send us an email with your contact details and your idea of what a perfect African holiday looks like.

Bookings: enquiries@safariguideafrica.com

Partnership Enquiries:  info@safariguideafrica.com

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